The PEP for Your Next Step!

Simply Success™ Professional Empowerment Plans


Professional Membership
$ 79
per month
  • Ideal for Entry Level Business Professionals, College Students, Job Seekers and Working Professionals Seeking Advancement.
  • Access to Dozens of Certification Courses
  • Individualized Growth Plans
  • Access to Personality and Skills Assessments
  • Access to Income Earning Opportunities Boost your social, emotional, professional, and entrepreneurial competencies


Professional Membership
$ 99
per month
  • Perfect for Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Business Leaders, Advanced Professionals, and those seeking High-Income Skills and Innovative Business Opportunities.
  • All the benefits of Elevate, PLUS these life-changing training courses on how to become a:
  • Corporate Soft Skills Consultant
  • Emotional Development (EQ) Consultant
  • Additionally, you can: Access Advanced Course Content Enjoy Self-Paced Earnings Programs


Professional Membership
$ 149
per month
  • Ideal for Serious Business Professionals, Advanced Entrepreneurs, and Others Seeking Executive Level Coaching, Leadership, and Mentorship.
  • All the Benefits of the Empower! Membership PLUS:
  • Certified Soft Skills Trainer - * this course requires application prior to acceptance
  • Access to Exclusive Mentorship Sessions
  • Access to Live Training Events
  • Access to Exclusive Online Training Courses Opportunities, Create Content for Our Platform and Much More

Teen Success Academy

Monthly Subscription: $59.95

Ideal for Junior High and High School Students

  • Offers Certifications in Leadership, Time Management, Personal Responsibility, Positive Self Image and More
  • Recommendation Letters for College or Work Resumes
  • Includes Virtual Mentorship, Interviewing Skills and Career Readiness
  • Perfect for Empowering Teens with Productivity, Positivity and Professionalism
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